Build your Blockchain & Block Explorer within minutes, and tools for infinite numbers of NFT and dApps with us
Scale from0 1 and1 10with Airchains
Airchains brings together everything developersneed to start journey on blockchain withapp specific blockchains, rollups, Block Explorer& NFT Minter. Numerous tools to scale web3 expedition
App Specific Blockchains & Rollups
Deploy custom build dedicated blockchains in few clicks and take them to the next dimension of scalability with our tailored dashboard and manage them easily.
Block Explorer
Deploy your Whitelabeled Block Explorer for your blockchain with our highly customizable and configurable platform that connects & supports multiple chains. Faucet, Staking, tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, & interact with dApps, bridges, wallets, and more.
Airchains Buidl
With ready to Plug n Play tool for dApps and Blockchain Integrate into any tech stack with the APIs available. Offload infrastructural management, automate transactions, gasless transactions, Web3 notifications, NFT minter, and more!
01Quick Deployment Of Blockchain
02Easy To Deploy Block Explorer
03Utility Templates For Smart Contract
04Web3 APIs For Varied dApps
05Intuitive Dashboard For Command And Control
06Whitelabel Wallets & NFT Minter For Multiple Blockchain
Government & Public Sector
Create high-performing government functions with more secure, agile, and cost-effective structures. Build trust, improve accountability and responsiveness, increase efficiency, reduce costs
NFT Marketplace & DAO
Create your own NFT Marketplace and allow customers to trade their NFT items freely, launch new digital works, and developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital items.
Whitelabel Block Explorer
Build your own block explorer compatible with any blockchain for easy search of blocks, transactions, interaction with apps bridges, wallets and more
Digital Identity
Create profiles with blockchain technology, which will be auditable, traceable and verifiable
Build Blockchain enabled games with utilizing metaverse tokens on your app specific chains
Global Trade & Real Estate
Enable secure digitization , by enabling the tokenization of existing documents, letter of credits. Also enable fractionalization of ownership, expanded access to global market, increased liquidity
Security. Privacy.Access
Without the expense and difficulty of managing legacy hardware, networking solutions to connect, protect, and accelerate your networks.
Integrated tooling will help devs create, test and debug contracts in real-time. Monitoring and maintenance tools will help devs anticipate and solve issues as they arise.
Holistic Audits to Keep you SafeOur cutting-edge security systems reduce the risk for our customers. Our smart contracts are audited, we encourage ethical hackers to battle-test our defenses every single day!
Airchains is a web3 SaaS platform designed for quick deployment of app specific blockchain, rollups, Block Explorer in just few clicks for developers, enterprises, & institutions to easily build and run their own blockchain networks and tools to build dApps over it
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